The San Pedro Lions Club has embarked on a national programme to improve the vision of school children. Working in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Lions representatives are visiting schools across the country with state of the art eye testing equipment. Today, the President of the San Pedro Lions Club Nigel Belisle was visiting Paraiso Government School. He told us ensuring that the children have good vision can improve their education.


Screen_Shot_2016-11-08_at_8.07.24_PMNigel Belisle, President, San Pedro Lions Club

“We’ve been going from school to school checking the kid’s eyes and thing, as you know better sight means better vision and better vision means children will do better in school so we embarked on this program to try to help the children of Corozal Town.”

Nigel Belisle, President, San Pedro Lions Club

“We sent out Parental form for the parents whether they accept for us to test the children’s eyes and once they accept they return that form back to us, we go and we visit the school and we do it classroom per classroom and we have this device and it’s called the plus optic machine and it detects exactly what is wrong with the children’s eyes.”


Nigel Belisle, President, San Pedro Lions Club

“It takes a photograph of the child’s pupils, of both pupils and then the machine tells us exactly if the child has good vision or if they don’t have good vision.”

Nigel Belisle, President, San Pedro Lions Club

“BCVI will provide free frames for the children whoever needs glasses and what Lions does the fee for the prescription is sixty dollars ad if the parents cannot afford a sixty dollars fee Lions will provide half the fee for them, we will meet them half way which will be thirty dollars but if they still cannot pay we will pay the full fee for them.”

Any initiative that requires visits to schools necessitates the consent of the managing authority, and in the case of government schools the authority is the Ministry who is collaborating in this initiative and encouraging parents to allow their children to participate.

Screen_Shot_2016-11-08_at_8.07.36_PMEder Bautista, Ministry of Education

“We are the ones that send the permission slips to the schools and then we ask the schools to give it to the parents and to grant permission so that we along with the Lions Club can come in to the schools and do the eye screening for the children free of cost so our pledge is that we are asking parents to please sign the form because this is volunteer thing from the Lions’ Club; they pay their transportation from San Pedro to Corozal and they feed their personnel and so we are asking the parents to grant the permission because it is free of cost and like what Mr. Nigel mention if they get refereed that they need glasses the Lions’ club will also cover that expense so it is very good and we ae doing it for the entire Corozal district all the primary schools and our target is to finish before June, all the children get tested so that in education they need a lot of their eye sight.”

The program started in September and it is expected to culminate next year.

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