noimageOn Sunday night twenty one year old Hugo Noh, a construction worker from the village of Guinea Grass, in the Orange Walk District, received a severe beating which landed him in the hospital for over 2 days, reportedly at the hands of a police officer.

As we had reported on Monday the incident allegedly occurred in front of Zhen Zhen store, a popular establishment in the village where the off duty officer was hanging out with friends. According to witnesses, Noh arrived at the store in his vehicle and appeared to be intoxicated. The officer, who was also allegedly under the influence approached him and reportedly removed the key from the vehicle’s ignition and ordered Noh out of the vehicle. This caused an altercation between the two and the situation got out of control when the officer allegedly used his service weapon to inflict the severe beating on Noh.

Today when we contacted Noh’s family we were informed that he was released from the hospital on Tuesday, but is unable to work. The family have sought the legal services of Attorney Richard ‘Dickie’ Bradley and will be suing the officer as well as the Police Department.

Leila Noh- Sister

“El quiere el court action que pues el abogado dijo que tiene que pagar todos los gastos ahorita porque ahorita está con CT Scan y todo el tiempo que no va a trabajar porque él tiene un niño para mantener. Él va hacer sue al pólice department.”

Additionally, Noh will be making a report to the Disciplinary Tribunal of the police department and a formal complaint to the Ombudsman office.

When we contacted the Orange Walk Police Department we were informed by officer commanding the OW formation, Superintendent Selvin Tillet, that although no charges have been levied upon the accused police officer, their investigation is expected to conclude by tomorrow.

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