And keeping with the subject of the national debt, Opposition Leader Hon. John Briceno is alarmed by the Government’s announcement that it will need to renegotiate the Super-bond. Briceno told the media today that the Barrow Administration has squandered and wasted every opportunity to put Belize’s economy on the right path.


John-Briceno2Honourable John Briceno - Opposition leader

“When you look at the reasoning as to why he is saying that he has to go back what comes to mind is the entire mismanagement of the economy that the United Democratic Party has been a failure, they have failed as to how they have been handling the economy, most of the productive sector have been in trouble and he has been crying out for help and for leadership and this government has been unable to provide the right leadership from the sugar industry to shrimps to bananas, citrus we know that we need to invest or to put more capital to help the farmers yet this government had an opportunity to do that with the Petro Caribe funding where they had over 375 million dollars and they choose to just to go almost like a drunken spree to spent this money and to actually in some instances they have been in questionable manner and now we will be paying the price, we know that the government continues to spend , spend and spend and now here we are being unable by this government admitting that they will find it very difficult to be able to make that payment on the Super-Bond.”

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