noimageOn Wednesday the only 22 non-governmental organisations deemed to be in good standing with the law set the process for nominations for the 13 Senator.


The representatives in that meeting elected a Steering Committee led by Oceana Belize’s Vice President Janelle Chanona. The Committee will oversee the process of nomination, but will also seek to include many other NGOs who are being left out because they have not fully complied with the NGO act. To correct this, the Committee is asking NGOs interested in participation to comply with the requirements by December 16th. Organisations that may not know how they are not complying can contact the Attorney General’s Ministry.

The Committee also set the criteria for the nomination of candidates for Senator. This includes being a Belizean without dual citizenship, having at least three plus years working with an NGO in Belize, must be non-partisan and not have been a candidate for a political party, nor have an executive post with any political party, nor be an activist for any party nor candidate.

The Committee has set the deadline for nominations as January 3rd and the date to elect the new Senator on January 10th. The Senate is expected to be sworn in not later than January 17th.

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