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    Friday, 19 July 2019 02:20
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As promised by the Orange Walk Town Council, there has been major investment in infrastructure and the target has been and continues to be the renovation of various streets across town which is considered heavily trafficked areas. Continuing with their commitment, the council is now upgrading Munoz Lane, Cinderella Street and Santa Ana Street providing residents a smooth ride to their specific destinations.

Screen_Shot_2016-11-15_at_8.13.45_PMKevin Bernard – Mayor, Orange Walk Town

“We are on Munoz Lane, this is a very crucial little road if you know what I am talking about parents use it, people used to move from one point to the next and I know it is going to be a plus to the school seeing as well that immediately after this we will be going into doing the other streets because we are working simultaneously on Santa Ana and we already put down material down on Cinderella but the contractor will be going in this afternoon or tomorrow to start the preparation to get that fully compacted and then primed so what we are seeing here is the ground work preparation so that we could prime the three street the end of this week or aiming by the end of this week so that we could prime those three streets so you should see the priming here on Munoz Lane, Santa Ana and on Cinderella Street.”

Ian Cal – Deputy Mayor, Orange Walk Town

“This Santa Ana Street is a major street that needed much attention as well and I say major because it links the highway to Guadalupe Street which is already paved as well which was also a project brought forward by the Council and that is the plan to make sure we have a link to different streets that we already have underway and Santa Ana Street it is already being prepared and by the end of the week we shall see it completed with first layer of paving.”


And while the upgrading of streets are currently being carried out in the center of our town, residents living in these areas are asked to kindly bear patience for the temporary inconvenience.

Ian Cal – Deputy Mayor, Orange Walk Town

“The work has been concentrated in the middle of town, Santa Ana Street is in the East Constituency and one of the streets that we had worked on as well is Guadalupe Street, Sapodilla and Mahogany Street as well which all fall under the East constituency which has been and which is around this area and if you notice most streets already been paved which was done by the council and yes it causes inconvenience but like anything progress brings a little bit of problems but it is just for a little while but after that the people will like because they will be able to drive from point a to point b without having to worry if they will drop in a pot whole or having to worry about the vehicle.”

The council has also decided to target other areas that form part of the East Constituency commencing with Santa Familia Street.

Kevin Bernard – Mayor, Orange Walk Town

“It is for us a priority that we get improvements of our town and while I can tell you that while we would get people to say but why only these streets why only these streets, if you look at the reality and the truth of this whole issue is that what we are doing is connecting people from one point to the next of course the council at this same time at this same hour is currently in the Orange Walk East Division working on some streets, right now what we are doing some minor rehabilitation because we want to have people to be able to move around as well driving to make them feel  comfortable driving but I am telling you the intention of this council to go in and do some paving as well in the Pasadita Area and in the Lower Louisiana Area, we have identified some key areas that I think we can work to at least get people to be satisfied that we have touched some of the area.”

Screen_Shot_2016-11-15_at_8.14.04_PMIan Cal – Deputy Mayor, Orange Walk Town

“Just around the corner in Santa Familia Street the machinery is already in there, we are upgrading the streets and we want to put proper material to compact so to have a good street and to drive there as well then we going into the lower Pasadita area we are talking about Gristock and the other area of Santa Familia area , they already paved sections because it needs a lot of attention, the Orange Walk East Areas is a huge constituency in its own, we have the Lower Riverside area as well that we want to eventually come in next year but that is what we want to do as a council we are concentrating, we are doing most of the work in town for the reason that most of the people that visit the town so we need to fix that area first then we will expand outside.”

The objective of the council is to carry out infrastructural works in different outlets that are linked to major streets all leading up to the highway.

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