Screen_Shot_2016-11-16_at_7.46.52_PMToday 7 year old Tyler Savery was laid to rest in Belize City after he was mercilessly gunned down in the street-style execution of his older cousin, 22 year-old Porshan Pipersburg. Tyler who was on his way to purchase his favorite treat was shot once to the chest and died almost instantly. The death of the young boy has the nation in shock and grappling from the reality that crime is out of control. As you heard earlier in the newscast a 22 year old Corozal resident also lost his life to gun violence in an execution that occurred last night. There is no denying that the increscent crime rate has certainly caught the nation's attention and yesterday Leader of the opposition, Hon. Jon Briceño, made a call for national unity to fight violence in our beloved country.

Honorable John Briceno – Opposition Leader People’s United Party

“Tyler Savery was murdered in the streets and make me wonder what country and where we are getting to, where a man can just go on the street and just shoot at somebody else without regards to if there is women or children around and in here we have a seven year old that was killed, I think that it is not only an issue of the government but we as a people need to be outrage what is wrong with us, I am calling out in the government that we in the opposition that we are prepared to meet with you and to work with you to try to come up with a viable plan that includes everybody but I am appealing to everyone to join us let us work together, let us forget our difference, if I am a PUP or you are a UDP or if you are Spanish and you are Creole let’s think as a community let think as Belizean and try to find an end to this senseless endless cycle of violence in our community.”

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