Over the weekend, the PUP’s Northern Caucus met in Ranchito Village and decided that it was prepared to launch a focused political campaign to remove former UDP Minister Gaspar Vega. This would be done using the ballot – no not yet elections, but a constitutional petition to recall the Minister for wrongdoing, in particular the land scandals involving his family and political friends. There is a recall mechanism in our laws which has only been tested once, that was against disgraced former UDP politician Elvin Penner in Cayo North East. The PUP Northern Caucus has said it stands ready to get its machinery going to get Vega out, but PUP Leader Hon. John Briceno said Vega shouldn’t wait for the PUP to mobilize. He believes Vega should do the conscious thing and resign.

Screen_Shot_2016-11-16_at_7.48.45_PMHonorable John Briceno – Opposition Leader People’s United Party

“We believe in the Northern Caucus after a long discussion that what the Honourable Gaspar Vega did was a betrayal of the trust of the people of Orange Walk Central and a betrayal of the trust of the people of this country, when we hear of the things that has taken place under his watch and more things continue to come up, ladies and gentlemen, I think he needs to do the right thing, I think he needs to do the honourable thing, I think he needs to resign now, if he refuses to resign now at the appropriate time I think which is going to be eighteen months after the elections which is going to be in May of 2017, the people of Orange Walk North have said through the Northern Caucus that they are going to mount a recall against the Honourable Gaspar Vega.”

Hon. Briceno also discussed the talk within the PUP that the Party is considering all its legal options against UDP Ministers that have been caught in wrongdoing. In the case of the former Deputy Prime Minister, the Opposition Leader confirmed that they are reviewing measures to ensure that any illegal behaviour goes punished.

Honorable John Briceno – Opposition Leader People’s United Party

“I just met with the legal advisor yesterday to discuss that matter, he has been doing a lot of research and we are putting some of the best minds and best lawyers that are available within the party to look at that matter and to see how it can be address, they believe that they can find a way how you can take out a case against the Minister, remember that case that Gaspar Vega maliciously took out against Florencio Marin and Joe Coye, you hear that saying what the knife that stick sheep stick goat, that very law that it went all the way to the Caribbean Court of Justice and the Caribbean Court of Justice has said that Ministers can be held accountable for certain decisions that they have made, well we are studying that very carefully and if there is the opportunity that we can take out a case against Gaspar Vega and now in that case against Boots Martinez we will, this foolishness has to stop, this outright hustling has to stop and it can’t continue to manage our countries resources the way we have been doing it and especially when we look at what the Prime Minister promised the people when it coming to 2008 that he was not going to tolerated not for a second and from the day that these ministers got into government we know that there has been a hustle from day one and the Belizean people they’ve had enough, I am making right now a commitment to the Belizean people, we presented our first plan, proposal for good governance which is a shared responsibility between the people and the government that we have to finds way how we can curb this type of behaviour in Government.”

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