In an effort to halt the Ministry of Education’s plan to dock the salaries of those teachers who took part in their 11 day strike in October, the BNTU applied for an injunction on the Ministry of Education in the Supreme Court.

That injunction will be heard tomorrow at the Supreme Court in Belize City, where the faith of the Teacher’s salary will be determined.

Today we spoke to President of BNTU Orange Walk, Otilio Munoz, who encouraged all Orange Walk teachers to wear their Green “Teechaz gat yuh back” t-shirt to show solidarity for the BNTU during the very decisive time for all educators.

Screen_Shot_2016-11-17_at_7.57.32_PMOtilio Munoz- President BNTU Orange Walk Branch

“There in an injunction, our Attorneys have already presented it to the court and we got word from our Attorney today that they will be addressing that injunction tomorrow 2:30 in Belize City at the Supreme Court so I am trying to update our membership that the BNTU is in this fight and have taken already legal action and we have been saying it all the while and now that is just to prove to membership that all along we were serious and so that will be happening tomorrow as I said and we are asking that if possible for teachers to be present tomorrow beside the Court room tomorrow in Belize City.  We want to show solidarity and that is the main important thing that we are together throughout the country that we are together in this and that we showing solidarity since we cannot make presence tomorrow there but we are in solidarity with what is happening because tomorrow is very decisive to what will happen so I think everybody is eager, everybody in the media and the whole populace of our country is willing to hear what will be the results tomorrow and so I am asking our members to come out with that green shirt to show that we are in what is happening tomorrow.”

The court hearing will commence at 2:30 in Belize City.

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