Screen_Shot_2016-11-22_at_7.58.05_PMYesterday we showed you the massive traffic jam at the Northern Boarder over the weekend after more than 12 thousand Belizeans flocked to neighboring Chetumal to take advantage of rock- bottom prices being offered during what is known as is BUEN FIN – an entire weekend when Mexican businesses offer hard-to-beat promotions to their customers.

Today the Mexican news outlet, ‘El QuintanaRoo’ reported that figures from the National Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Services in Chetumal are indicating that the results were positive for the "Buen Fin", mainly due to an influx by Belizeans. The report quotes the president of the National Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Services as stating “the results greatly exceeded all expectations mainly due to the dozens of Belizean families who arrived to take advantage of the opportunities available”

According to the report, the country’s economy saw a huge increase in value raised by the merchants and the Ministry of Economy, with sales being an average five percent higher than the previous year resulting in millions of pesos pumped into the economy.

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