The infrastructural works being carried out by the Orange Walk Town Council as part of the restructuring of ten heavily trafficked streets throughout the town is coming to its final stages. Two very crucial roads, namely Orchid Drive and Bethias Lane received their final coat of paving, while the labor on four other major streets are being prepared to enter their final phase.

Ian Cal- Deputy Mayor Orange Walk Town

“As you can see the amount of work that is being done on different streets simultaneously under the ten streets that we had planned to get paved before the end of this year; this morning we completed Orchid Drive which is a major street which connected the hospital to the clinic as well and by completing it we entered into the second paving of the street, last week we paved Bethias Lane which had already received its first paving and now we put in its second layer and those are the two streets that has been completed and we have ready Santa Ana Street, we have Cinderella Street and we have ready around Progress and we have prepared Progress Street and all of that for paving and all of that is under the work of the Council and the contractor that we have given out to get these ten streets paved.”


Adding to the works being carried out on these streets, the council is also carrying out works as part of their ‘Flood Mitigation Plan’.

Screen_Shot_2016-11-28_at_6.46.41_PMIan Cal- Deputy Mayor Orange Walk Town

“Apart from those being paved on Bethias Lane we have completed an important drainage project and that was a much needed drainage project because as you can see when it rains a lot of water accumulated in that area so it used to cause a flooding problem for business around the area now what we did with that drainage project we partner with some of the businesses that paid their taxes up front, some paid in advance and some made donations through partnership with the Town council and we manage to get that completed and that project cost us the people around seventy thousand dollars to complete the entire length of course we still have another portions to go down that goes down into Slaughter House Street which is also paved now as well so now as you can see a lot of work is being put into the infrastructure part of this town and that is how we plan to continue in the next coming year you know this is something that we started from when we got elected but a lot of streets need to be rebuilt and that is how we are moving forward with it.”

According to Deputy Mayor of Orange Walk, Ian Cal, despite the lack of financial assistance from Central Government the Orange Walk Town Council has been very successful in carrying out its mandate for the benefit of all Orange Walkenos

Ian Cal- Deputy Mayor Orange Walk Town

“We do not have a lot of money to work with; we don’t receive anything from the Central government or any donation from the Central government to say ok let get this done so it is all about managing the people’s money and how it comes in and how we pull together if we know we want to get a certain project done we are making sure that we are putting aside a little bit of money on the specific project and then when we have enough we get that project done and that is what the council has been doing ever since and we have done a lot and it all depends of the management team that we have; I mean we have councillors that are in charge of specific projects put proposals and we go out if we can partner with the people, a lot of partnership with the people program has started and that is a hallmark that actually that we can say has been working, we can look at Guadalupe Street for example that is a project that a lot of councils are looking up and want to implement as well we partner with the people and they pay their taxes especially the business community comes in and we work together and that is the only way we move forward in a town I mean it is your town, the people paying their taxes and once the people see that their money is going in the right direction on the right things I mean they don’t mind I thing that we are doing a good job and we will continue with the work of the people.”

But while the council is currently at the end of their street project for the reconstruction of ten important streets in Town, there is no doubt that there is always room for more development, but this can only be done with the collaboration of the people, says Deputy Mayor, Ian Cal.

Ian Cal- Deputy Mayor Orange Walk Town

“The council depends a lot on the taxes that the people pay so we encourage everyone to pay as much taxes as they could to keep updated or to update your account and to pay in advance if you could for us to be able to put more into infrastructure, the people told us one thing when we were consulting they want their streets fix and it is not the only responsibility of the council we have parks to maintain, garbage collection, and we have other project to do but the major thing we decided to prioritize is streets so thanks to the people that these things are getting done.”

All residents are reminded to exercise extreme caution when traversing areas that are being worked on.

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