As we reported last week, the Ministry of Health opened an extension building at the existing Polyclinic in Corozal. At that event Minister Marin boasted about additional investments to the Corozal hospital, including a new operating theatre, and improved lab and morgue. The building alone cost half a million dollars so we asked the Minister whether the investment couldn’t have been used where there was greater need, such as the Belmopan hospital where the facility’s condition has brought international scandal on the Ministry when a rat bit a baby in an incubator.


Screen_Shot_2016-11-28_at_6.45.00_PMHonourable Pablo Marin - Minister of Health

“I don’t want the people of Belize not to believe that I am concentrated only in Corozal, if you heard that I have gotten seven ultra sound machines that will be for all over the country, we just got chemistry analysers for all over the country, I am looking right now for sources for me to do the hospital in PG which I hope that by next year I can start, that is very essential, I already got the lot for San Pedro for us to do a hospital there in San Pedro which is very essential and there is a polyclinic also and I can mention about it, when I came in it was only eight hours Monday to Friday now it is a 24 hours service giving in San Pedro, now the only thing that remains in San Pedro as you know it is an island we need to do a hospital with all the facility that is needed so I am looking a public partnership in that particular area for us to be able to deliver everything for the people of San Pedro.”


“How would you  respond to the criticism that perhaps the money should have been spent to refurbish the building next door to have a hospital where it might be needed like Belmopan where we have an issue with the estate of the building?”

Honourable Pablo Marin - Minister of Health

“You see, everything that you do they will take it negative; Belmopan itself we have a grant coming in from the EU which is nearly about 28 million for us to do an extension, we don’t want to put any money right now in Belmopan because that should be coming by next year, I mentioned about PG; we need a hospital immediately there that is an old hospital so we have to find funds to do that and that is not only five hundred thousand that will be maybe about 10 to 15 million that will be needed so yes at time we need to do certain things but how will we start a facility with five hundred thousand and then maybe it would only be the ground floor what happen with the rest of it what happens to the equipment so we need to look at all of that before we start to talk negative about what we are doing.”

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