All indications are that next year’s budget could be the most austere in recent times. We say this because all economic projections show that Belize will be facing a financial crunch, even as the Government seeks to renegotiate the Superbond. There is already talk that GOB will have to introduce tax increases to close its widening deficit. A number of the Government Ministries could also be impacted, with budget cuts. Last week when spoke to Minister of Health Pablo Marin, we asked him whether he expected a reduced portion of the budget pie.

Screen_Shot_2016-11-28_at_6.45.00_PMHonourable Pablo Marin - Minister of Health

“When it comes to health and education there is not like a blockade for that and we need to do everything possible for the health of our people and that is why I am not afraid and if you can see every time we are hiring more doctors, hiring more nurses and right now we are getting a group of doctors that will be going to El Salvador to do their speciality; I think that I spoke about that about two years ago that we got scholarships and that now we are about to send them, once we send a doctor that means we have to employ somebody  to occupy the space so we are spending more money and in that way the people can see that in health and education I think that they don’t have an open wallet of that but we have to show exactly why we need it and for what we need it for.”

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