Screen_Shot_2016-11-28_at_6.44.06_PMYesterday, three of the four men fingered by the Police as those involved in last Thursday’s wild attempt at an armed robbery at Rapidito Loans downtown Corozal Town were arraigned on the charge of Conspiracy to Commit Robbery.

The fourth man, identified as 28 year old Kareem Heusner, is believed to be the main suspect, who entered the business premises wearing a hood and pulling the trigger wildly. The Police say about nine expended 9mm shells were found at the scene. The gunman had to exit the business however as the security guard returned fire at him, and is suspected to have injured him in the exchange of gunfire.

Heusner and the other men were caught travelling inside a white van at a Police checkpoint set up along the Phillip Goldson Highway in San Jose Village. Heusner, Police say, was seen with an injury on his hip, appearing to be that of a gunshot wound. He was first taken to Northern Regional Hospital for treatment, then to the Corozal hospital and eventually to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital for treatment. Reports are that that Heusner’s health condition remains critical and that the injury has led to paralysis. The prognosis is grim.

Heusner remains to be charged, and Police authorities are monitoring his health progress.

The other men are 20 year old Maliek Michael Humes, 20 year old Alton Garcia and 33 year old Erwin Castillo. Their next court appearance is December 21st 2016.

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