noimageHattieville Police are tonight investigating an incident which involves an alleged drug plane that landed in Western Belize early this morning. Police are currently holding 16 drums of aviation fuel, and other items which they believe were used in the illegal plane landing. While authorities are unsure whether a drug cargo was involved, all indications of the incident leads to believe that it was indeed a drug plane which landed in an area located about 9 miles into the Coastal Road.

According to information from local police, the report of a low- flying aircraft near the Coastal Road, was received just before dawn today, Hattieville Police responded to the report, but when they arrived in the area they did not find a plane, instead they encountered 20 drums, 4 of which were empty, and 16 filled with aviation fuel. Further search of the area led to the discovery of makeshift landing lights, 4 batteries, and canvases. They also found the seats from a plane in nearby bushes, presumably taken out to make more room for cargo.

Information from residents of the area is that the airstrip was first carved out about three years ago.

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