Screen_Shot_2016-11-30_at_8.16.19_PMLast night we told you about the male individual who visited the New Diamond Supermarket located in the village of Trial Farm over the weekend claiming to be a GST officer and also claiming that he was conducting private investigations on several business establishments to find out if they are abiding by the law in terms of issuing receipts to customers upon an immediate purchase of items from the stores. Tonight we can tell you that we managed to speak to the Commissioner of the General Sales Tax Department regarding the issue and we’ll tell you about that in a few.

But first to what we found out today as we hit the streets with the intention of carrying out our own investigations. We came to the conclusion that the same male person of creole descent visited not only one but several other businesses on the same day. It seems though as if his main targets were Chinese owned businesses in the Trial Farm area.

We visited the owner of the New Diamond Supermarket who spoke to us about the incident off camera and told us that the individual had purchased one bottle of water just like any ordinary customer and then stepped out of the store. Further reports indicate that the individual returned inside the store shortly after this time claiming to be a GST officer and demanding for the owner to present his business license. He threatened that by simply not proving a receipt could cost the owners a sum of $15,000 or one year imprisonment. The individual was not wearing a uniform that could immediately identify him so customers who were in the area at the time became suspicious and request from the individual an identification card. However, instead of doing so the person fled from the area.

We also spoke to another business owner in the area who informed us that the same man visited her store to purchase a bag of chips also making the same allegations. But since a number of customers were inside the store at the moment, the individual decided to leave.

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