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    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:33
  • Severe Weather Conditions Causes Minor Damages In North

    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:47
  • Belize Exports Soybean Oil To Jamaica

    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:56

Of the 26 new vehicles, a great majority will not be leaving Belize City since 13 of them will be allocated there. The City of Belmopan will get 2 while the districts will get one each. While the distribution is one thing, the role the vehicles can play in policing the Police is another. As we said, they have built in cameras that will turn on every time the vehicle is in use and capture every moment of the Police’s duties. So will the footage taken by the cameras be made public to ensure that the Police are doing the right thing? The ComPol said he won’t make any promises.

Screen_Shot_2016-12-01_at_8.00.37_PMComPol Allen Whylie – Commissioner of Police

“The cameras should always be on as long as the vehicle is operational, the camera should be on and as I said we’ve develop a number of Protocols is not the first time that we are having cameras in vehicles I believe that a previous fleet of Ford Rangers that we had received through the CARSI program also had cameras and so these cameras I believe it is a little better quality cameras but the Protocols have been develop and strengthen to ensure that there is accountability that they stay on and as I said in my earlier remarks we expect that as a result of these cameras the interaction between the police and the members of the community that they interact well be more professional.”



“Will there be a policy put in place to be able to share whatever footage gathered from these cameras with the media for instance in cases where civilians may be querying or asking about police brutality and that sort of stuff?”


ComPol Allen Whylie – Commissioner of Police

“Well, it is something that we have to look at I don’t want to say that we will have an open policy I believe each case would have to be reviewed on its own in terms of what would be the benefit of putting it out there is it a matter that perhaps maybe before a court of law or maybe prejudicial in terms of releasing and so we’ve have to look at it I believe on a case by case basis.”

The upkeep of the vehicles are another matter. Just this week a video on Facebook depicted a Police vehicle stuck in a drain. There have been more than enough cases of the irresponsible and reckless use of Police vehicles. When we asked the ComPol whether any action will be taken against the officers using the vehicle in the footage, he said he hadn’t seen the footage and he will get to see it on his own timing.

ComPol Allen Whylie – Commissioner of Police

“We live in a real world and from time to time emergencies may develop and people do stray away from using the vehicle for their official purpose but once we see patterns where we see abuse is being taken we’ll first address those matters with the various individual commanders because as I say we can track it, we do have personnel who will be checking and once we see patterns then those information will be shared with the commanders to take the corrective measures, of course it will require some review of their deployment who were in the vehicle and those sort of things.”



“The feed from the cameras who will monitor those?”

ComPol Allen Whylie – Commissioner of Police

“Again those will be monitored locally, we also have the PITU who will be able to track and do the cameras but we’ve assigned a number of officers countrywide who is responsibility will be to monitor the cameras to retrieve the chip, to download them and to make sure the vehicle has back a chip and that sort of thing.”


“Sir, on the topic of maintenance, we pulled a video from Facebook, of a police truck that crashed into or drove into the drain and a civilian came out with what appears to be a beer bottle, have you seen the video as yet?”


ComPol Allen Whylie – Commissioner of Police

‘No, I haven’t seen the video, I am aware and I was briefed that there was a vehicle somewhere in the martin where it is said that either a sink hole or the drain I am not certain but I think that the Deputy Commissioner had address that matter with Mr. William because it was a vehicle assigned to the Eastern Division South. I haven’t seen the video so I have to see the video before I could comment further and I will see it in my own time.”

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