Following the suspension of the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association from fair trade, there was speculation from various members of the association that BSI/ASR somehow had something to do with it. Today when we caught up with Mac McLachlan, Vice President of International Relations of the ASR Group, he categorically dispelled any blame for the suspension.

Screen_Shot_2016-12-05_at_8.15.56_PMMac McLachlan- VP International Relations ASR group

“Fairtrade is a relationship between the purchaser of the sugar in this case Tate & Lyle in the UK and the BSCFA directly there are independent audits that are carried out on all Fair Trade producers Associations, when an audits identifies that there is a major problem then the order is to report that to Fair Trade and then they act on that, these are independent audits then, nothing to do with anybody else.  I think what we looking at here as I understand it, is that it cuts to the core significant problem that existed in Belize is then when people who don’t necessarily have the cane do have a culture for cane and it is what is tender to happen in the past since cane has been bought and sold particular from farmers who are in stress because they have the cane but don’t have the culture that is an inefficient way to run a business, it is not the way that the sugar act of Belize is establish for census to take place every three years to access where the cane and how much is it and who owns it, I am delighted to hear the minister give his full commitment to the census taking place, you know this isn’t Fair Trade, this isn’t BSI, this isn’t even the Associations this  is the sugar act of Belize it is there in black and white and I think that the sooner all of these elements are utilized fully more efficient we can become as an industry.”


“Is there anything that the stakeholders do to assist BSCFA to place corrective measures on this?”

Mac McLachlan- VP International Relations ASR group

“Each of them when they deliver their cane can walk into that office register their cane at SIMIS and that will do the job.”

We will have more on the Sugar Industry in tomorrow newscast.

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