Screen_Shot_2016-12-07_at_7.52.10_PMPrime Minister Dean Barrow left the country on Saturday to attend a meeting in New York City to further carry out Superbond negotiations with bond stakeholders.  While the PM was expected to return to the country today following those meetings, a release issued by the office of the Prime Minister earlier today indicates that Prime Minister Dean Barrow will not be returning to the country until Sunday December 12th.

So what does his late return mean for Friday’s special House sitting and the signing of the UNCAC, both set for Friday December 9th? Well, according to the release, both the House meeting and UNCAC signing will continue as scheduled with acting PM Patrick Faber.

According to the release, PM’s delayed return is attributed to matters regarding to his health, “The Prime Minister was experiencing symptoms seemingly consistent with viral gastroenteritis prior to his departure and had to be admitted to the Belize Medical Associates overnight last Thursday.   The symptoms have persisted during his travel and he saw a doctor and was advised to run tests, some of which could not have been diagnosed in Belize.”   

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