Andre-VegaThe 30 days given to Andrea Vega and Sharon Pitts by the Attorney General’s office, to respond to the Government’s order requiring the return of $800,000 which Vega and Pitts obtained as compensation in questionable land deals, has expired.

CTV-3 News has confirmed that neither Vega nor Pitts responded adequately to the Attorney General within the period given.

Pitts, who received $400,000 as compensation for land she was sold by the Government for $10,000, reportedly did initially respond through an attorney, in which she committed to responding properly by December 1st, but that letter never materialised.

Vega, who was paid $400,000 as compensation for land he bought at $15,000, has not responded at all.

On October 31, attorney general had issued letters to both individuals following a public outcry over the discovery that Vega and Pitts had received as much money from the Government as compensation for land that they bought but was already privately owned.

In that letter, the Attorney General Vanessa Retreage warned that if a proper response was not given the Government would consider their order ignored and would prepare to take any and all action necessary to ensure the full recover of all moneys to which the Government of Belize is entitled without further notice.

Retreage has confirmed with at least one media house that the office of the Solicitor General will be filing a suit against both Vega and Pitts by next week.

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