$2.6 million – that’s how much the Government of Belize spent on the road to the San Lorenzo Housing site. This is a project that has lasted over six years and yet remains finished up to today. At Friday’s House Sitting, Opposition Leader and Orange Walk Central representative questioned the Minister of Works and asked for an explanation why the project seems never ending.

Screen_Shot_2016-12-12_at_8.09.50_PMHonourable John Briceno - Leader of the Opposition

“Can the Honourable Minister responsible for Works please inform this honourable house now that all the construction and repair works on the San Lorenzo Road has been discontinued, how much money was spent on the project and how much specifically was budgeted and spent on the paving of the road and could the Prime Minister also inform this honourable house who ws the contractor for this project?”

Honourable Rene Montero – Minister of works

“In response to the question post by the Honourable member of Orange Walk Central and the Leader of the Opposition in regards to the rehabilitation of the San Lorenzo Road, the contract was never discontinued as the contractor fulfilled his contractor obligations under the terms and conditions set by the contract, Mr. speaker, the total amount of monies budgeted and spent on said project was 2 million 650 thousand 271 Belize dollars, the contractor Mr. speaker Emir Hernandez Development Company Limited.”

Emir Hernandez Co. Limited of course is one of the politically-connected companies. He is a relative of increasingly unpopular UDP politician Gaspar Vega. Hernandez is also the contractor for the Belize Corozal Road which has had to be re-done along a number of areas as a result of inferior work.

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