Screen_Shot_2016-12-13_at_8.05.32_PMLast month we told you that the Ministry of Education had announced its decision to include six additional days to the school calendar in order to make up for the time lost as a result of the eleven days of strike carried out by the Belize National Teachers Union. This obviously meant that both the Christmas and Easter holidays would be cut short, but according to a release issued by the BNTU, it clearly indicates that the members of the union are simply not having it and have instead decided to disregard MOE’s decision despite their proposal to compensate teachers for the make-up time.

In the release the BNTU states and we quote “our position remains the same as that which we hold for the attempted deduction of teachers’ salaries for the strike’. End of quote. In other words, the BNTU is implying that teachers will remain at home and enjoy the holidays as stated in the actual calendar of holidays. The release further stated that while the decision was proposed and agreed upon in a meeting held between the MOE and the Managing Authorities of primary and secondary schools, The BNTU is of the position that the Managers along with its teachers should be the ones responsible to originate such agreement as it relates to the dates for the make-up sessions and not the MOE as stated in their Handbook of Policies and Procedures for School Services 2000.

On another note while you may have heard that long standing Chief Executive Officer in the MOE, David Leacock had submitted his letter of resignation to the Prime Minister since September giving the Ministry ample time to seek replacement for the CEO post, tonight we can tell you that as Leacock prepares to bid his goodbyes effective December 31st, 2016, Debbie Domingo has been named as his successor.

Domingo is currently the General Manager of Anglican Primary Schools, the current Chair of the Association of General Managers of Primary Schools and also the Vice Chair of the Belize Board of Teacher Education.

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