Popular mechanic Dean Dawson of Gardenia village was killed in an accident on the Philip Goldson highway back in March this year involving the Director of the Government Press Office, Dorian Pakeman.

But a full 10 months and a half later, there has been no resolution to the case and it is still not known whether Pakeman will be charged or not. As you may be aware, it was discovered that Pakeman had traces of cocaine in his blood at the time of the accident. Today, ACP Edward Broaster, the officer commanding Rural Eastern Division was asked for an update.

Screen_Shot_2016-12-20_at_6.40.56_PMACP Edward Broaster – Officer Commanding Eastern Division

“As far as what I was briefed, I think it was last week we got the file back from the DPP and there were two directives that were not complied with and as soon as those directives are complied with that matter with be dealt with. I think it has something to do with the reports from the forensic las as soon as those labs are completed action will be taken in regards to that matter.”


“Sir, is it a concern of yours that this case has taken so long to get to this point given that it has its own surrounding controversies of the test for Mr. Pakeman and then this allegation of tampering with the blood sample of Mr. Dean Dawson you worry that this might cause people to doubt your investigation?”

ACP Edward Broaster – Officer Commanding Eastern Division

“I am not worried about the length of time, I have concern of the length of time yes but given the fact that I have firsthand knowledge of what is happening with the file I have full confidence in the guidance of the Director of Public Prosecution in this matter and I don’t think anybody will doubt my integrity when it comes to that issue.”

There is also an update on another aspect of the case. That of the Ladyville cop accused of withholding or failing to deliver, to the Director of Public Prosecutions, the toxicology report on the cocaine in Pakeman’s blood. Here is what ACP Broaster had to say about that issue.

ACP Edward Broaster – Officer Commanding Eastern Division

“The officer whom was directed to take the certificate to the Director of Public Prosecution, the initial trial has commenced and there was a request to change the adjudicator and that request was granted and the new adjudicator is coming in Thursday to start the trial.”

According to Broaster, such trials can last up to three weeks but this one is delayed given the change in adjudicator. The cop has been charged with “Failing to obey a lawful instruction.

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