noimageBefore the Christmas break, we had reported on an incident at the northern border between a Police Officer and the head of the Customs designated for the area. The reports had not been fully confirmed because neither side wanted to speak to the press about it. Today we got confirmation that the incident did occur when we saw 30 year old Police Officer Ismael Molina appear at the Magistrate’s Court to answer to a charge of “obstructing an officer of customs”. That Customs Officer is Earl Miller, who as we explained is the head honcho for the customs at the border. Miller claimed in his statement to the Police and the Court that on December 20th, Molina physically attacked him with a punch to his face when he requested that Molina removes a vehicle.

In Court, Molina complained bitterly that he didn’t even have time to blink prior to appearing in court because he had received the court summons on his work desk only 5 mins before. Oddly, it was Miller who served the summons himself.

Magistrate Anne Marie Smith granted officer Monima bail at $500 and adjourned the matter until February 8th next year.

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