Screen_Shot_2016-12-28_at_8.05.19_PMAlfonso Noble, the Editor of the El Guardian newspaper, which is the newspaper organ of the United Democratic Party, and also a well-known co-host of the UDP morning radio show on Wave Radio, was arraigned in Court this morning after he reportedly knocked down and killed a man on the George Price Highway on Christmas Eve.

Noble was driving his red-in-colour Nissan Pickup on the highway from Belize City to the Mile 8 community on December 24th when he knocked down a well-known former boxer Gilbert “Tyson” Myers Jr. between miles 3 and 4.

Myers had gone to Belize City to visit a family member and was riding back to Mile 8 when the incident occurred.

Noble has reportedly been on lockdown since, through the extended holiday, awaiting the Magistrate Court’s regular session. This morning he was taken to court to stand before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser and was read three charges: causing death by careless conduct, driving motor vehicle without due care and attention and failing to provide specimen. He was released on a bail of $5,000 and his case was adjourned until February 28, 2017.

The charge for failing to provide specimen came about because Noble refused to provide blood specimen to the Police for them to check his alcohol level. In our laws, providing a blood specimen is not mandatory, but there is a penalty for refusing to do so.

Outside court this morning, the media had the opportunity to question Noble’s attorney, Herbert Panton. When Panton was asked what rationale Noble had for refusing to provide a blood sample, he said Noble claims he is a Jehovah’s Witness.

Attorney Herbert Panton – Noble’s Attorney

“As far as I’m aware Mr. Noble chose not to provide sample for a religious reasons.”


“In court it was indicated that he didn’t give any reason as to why he was providing?”

Attorney Herbert Panton – Noble’s Attorney

“Bottom line is that all that will come up in the disclosure until we have disclosure on hand we are totally unaware of the evidence that the police has an I believe he is Jehovah Witness.”

Panton also commented on the charges brought against Noble. He claims that the procedure followed by the Police has been very irregular in his view, because instead of providing a notice of intended prosecution followed by an investigation, his client has been slapped with charges and taken to court.

Attorney Herbert Panton – Noble’s Attorney

“My problem here is that a normal course in any vehicle accident a Notice of Intended Prosecution is given, the police concludes their investigation, this matter is an indictable matter this matter has to go to the Supreme Court so that information is then forward to the Director of Public Prosecution who gives an opinion on whether or not to lay charges, the police in their wisdom chose to charge my client immediately suggesting that they are pondering to the media now it is, if you are a leader and the basis upon you act is whether or not you will take flack on the media I would want to suggest that you’ve lost the moral authority to lead, could you imagine holding this man all over the Christmas holidays and I can almost guarantee you come the 28th of February they won’t have the disclosure that the magistrate ordered.”


“Now Sir, while he is inconvenient for the entire Christmas a life was lost, a family was negatively affected by this they didn’t have their love one for Christmas, completely different comparison.”

Attorney Herbert Panton – Noble’s Attorney

“Yeah, but fundamentally the charge is manslaughter by negligence there was no intension to kill it is a totally separate yes I appreciate that somebody love one was lost but there was any intension it was a vehicle accident.”

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