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Earlier you heard Noble’s attorney accusing the Police of pandering to the public pressure and acting prematurely in proceeding to place charges on his client. Well, the police prosecutor in the case Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams rejected those claims and even admitted that Noble has gotten what some may consider as special treatment when he wasn’t place in a cell block while under detention.


“But Mr. Noble was detained a total of four days at the Raccoon Street Police Station and I know this is irregular because usually when it is an accidental death persons are release and then you get signed bail and then you reach court the next following day, was he single out for detention because he is a well-known UDP mouthpiece?”


Screen_Shot_2016-12-28_at_8.07.10_PMChester Williams – Assistant Commissioner of Police

“What the police were interested in first and foremost was to do things the right way and to do it by the books, we did not want to have any mistake in the investigation, we didn’t want to blunder with the investigation and it is not unprecedented that a person is kept in custody after an accident, this has been done before, the police would normally issue NIP in circumstances where it is difficult to ascertain what nay have occurred at the scene so the police investigation process will take a little while longer, so the police would normally do that, but from the police investigative view they are of the believe that a certain person may have been at fault the police can proceed and prefer charges immediately without issuing an NIP and in this case this is exactly what we did and Mr. Noble I can tell you was not single out because is affiliated to any political party and he understand what is it that we were doing and explained to him the process and I must say that he cooperated in terms of his entire behaviour towards the investigation as well as at the police station, I must way it was very good and the process I explained to him and he understood.”


“On the flip side of that, he was detained you explain that for the four days, was he given special treatment in so far as, was he allowed to not be in the detention cell but to be in an office at the Racoon Police Station?”

Chester Williams – Assistant Commissioner of Police

“I will say that accidents are for anybody and to be involved in an accident is not a criminal matter is not like you actually go out and you kill someone intentionally, you and I are drivers of motor vehicles and today or tomorrow we may have our own unfortunate incident just as Mr. Noble did, and while yes he may not have been kept in the cell block he was kept at the police station not in any office with no other special treatment so to answer your question I will say yes and that was a discretion that I made being the person in  charge of my station considering the fact that it is an accident it was not an intentional killing and it is an unfortunate situation that anybody could find themselves in any given time.”


“Lots of people are involved in accident and sometimes are refuse bail at court, Mr. Noble not only was kept in a special place in the police station but he was also granted bail.”

Chester Williams – Assistant Commissioner of Police

“Let’s be real, as what was said by Mr. Vasquez earlier, some people when they are involved in accident they don’t even see the police station for an extended period of time Mr. Noble was kept there for four days so to some extent if you want to look at people being treated differently, to some extent he has been treated differently by being kept in custody for four days whether or not the court grants him bail or not that is not my business and I have never seen any situation where a person goes to court having been charge for an accident and the court refuse to grant him bail, the court always grants bail but it is for the person whether or not that person meets the bail.”

Noble was released on a bail of $5,000 and his case was adjourned until February 28, 2017.

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