noimageWhile the BNTU has made clear their position of returning to the classroom until Monday January 9th, the Belize Association of Principals of Secondary Schools, (BAPSS) and the Belize Association of General Managers of Pre and Primary schools reiterated today that they are on the side of the Ministry and are urging all students, parents and teachers to show up for formal classes on Tuesday January 3rd, 2017.

In a release, BAPSS Chair, Omar Longsworth wrote quote “This position was taken as we are convinced that these four days will provide students with meaningful instructional time that was lost during the eleven days of strike action taken in October 2016. It is our hope that all stakeholders in education will be supportive of this decision as we continue to provide for the best interest of our students.” End quote

As for the Vice Chair of the Belize Association of General Managers of Pre and Primary schools, Denise Lamb, she states in a press release issued earlier today quote “Managers unanimously agreed that 6 school days will be added, January 3rd to 6th and April 10thand 11th, 2017. The managers' decision to add the six days will assist schools to comply with the minimum 180 school days requirement. Additionally, managers accept that given the structure of the school year, any compensatory school days would involve a change in the vacation periods as described in Rule 132 subsections (3, 4 and 5) of ER 2000. It is therefore the position of the Association that schools reopen on Tuesday January 3rd, 2017.” End quote.

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