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Christmas has come and gone and the Chairman of San Andres Glenford “Choco” Melvin did not get one of his Christmas wishes. This wish was to see the roads in his community free of pot holes. The main San Andres Road, particularly a section about 900 feet in length, leading to the cut-off to the Corozal Community College and Corozal Junior College, is in a seriously dilapidated state. Today, Choco called us out to the road section to show us how bad it is and to call out the elected area representative Hugo Patt for neglecting one of his duties.

Screen_Shot_2016-12-29_at_7.58.27_PMGlenford “Choco” Melvin, Chairman, San Andres Village

“We have a lot of pothole for many years and whenever the ministry of works come and fix and as you turn behind you there they have a pile of white marl and they throw it in the hole but the next day when it rains it just washes out and so you can see a vehicle gong and see the condition and see how it bouncing and bouncing through the hole and the first thing concern of the owner of the vehicle especially the taxi man that would pass in front of me and say Mr. chairman please fix the road we are paying more tax in our taxi which in we don’t receive those taxes is the government so the question is what are they doing with these moneys from the insurance or the licensing authority what are they doing with these people’s moneys which they cannot fix the road for the car owner and everyone knows this is a main road from all those villages going to Corozal and this is a road to lead you to the Corozal Community College and Junior College and when school time the amount of vehicles that passes through here it is dangerous for the kids because you can see sometimes the vehicles or the driver tries to keep away from the road and take the side to safe their vehicle when it cause danger for the kids because they can get knock down and two times in this year they have knock down kids because of the same reason they are trying to dodge the potholes so we are calling out our area rep, our minister Mr. Hugo Pat to please send the ministry of works because that is your responsibility not the village council if we had the resources of the village council we would fix the road the proper way don’t come with white marl because the climate is very funny here in Belize today, today is sun and tomorrow is rain and it washes out the path hole and it remains the same and I want to let you know that because we are a PUP village council we are punishing and  this road is not red nor blue or yellow it is for everyone it is government street so like we had a lot of Petro Caribe rolling and this role so come to San Andres and fix the street for everyone even the minister passes this road everyday but like I mention on the media that they don’t care because when their vehicle broke they send it to garage and the one who pays is our taxpayers money but when the poor people break up their vehicle they take the punishment and have to find out the little money to fix their vehicle so we are calling out on the minister Hugo Patt to please coordinate with ministry of works and sent fix the road proper man, don’t put white marl because it will not work try to come and dig up the road and pave the piece of road or patch up with the right stuff.”

As Choco mentioned in the interview, one of the things that grinds his gears is when he is blamed for the bad condition of the road. Choco said that he does his best to keep the community center in good standards and the football field properly manicured despite the very limited resources at his disposal. Choco also opined that the school break gives the authorities the best opportunity to make repairs as the stretch of road becomes highly trafficked once school re-opens.

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