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Nine months and two weeks – that’s the length of time it takes in some pregnancies – but it’s also how much time it took for the Police Department to charge Dorian Pakeman, the Director of the Press Office and known UDP supporter.

Pakeman knocked down and killed Gardenia Village resident and father 45 year old Dean Dawson on March 20, 2016.

Dawson was riding his bicycle on his way home along mile 22 on the Phillip Goldson Highway, when Pakeman slammed into him in his Government-assigned Isuzu D-Max pickup. Dawson was killed by the impact.

The well-connected Government employee was detained but eventually released without any charges laid on him. The Police claimed that they were waiting on a toxicology report on blood samples taken from Pakeman and when it did come revealing that Pakeman’s blood showed signs of cocaine instead of alcohol, still no charges followed.

Months after the incident, Pakeman got some reprimand when Prime Minister Dean Barrlw, upon being asked by the media why he continued on Government’s payroll, decided that Pakeman should be placed on unpaid leave.

But today, Pakeman began facing the at-times, very slow wheels of justice when he was charged with a sole charge of causing death by careless conduct. He was arraigned before Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer who granted his bail.

After he was released, his attorney Bryan Neal spoke to the media and claimed that based on the evidence he has seen, the single charge won’t stick on his client.

Screen_Shot_2017-01-10_at_8.00.24_PMBryan Neal, Pakeman’s Attorney

“Well clearly the DPP looked at the evidence she took time and I think that no one can disparage the reputation of our Director of Public Prosecution, she is a fine lady, having looked at the evidence she in her prerogative, no nowhere that came from because now having looked at the entire case why is it that the DPP has only charged him by causing death by careless conduct.”


“What is the next step for you client?”

Bryan Neal, Pakeman’s Attorney

“Well, the next step is to wait until the next court date and he expects to go back to court and vindicate himself in court this is a traffic accident, what I want to say publicly and I think that it has not been said before is to say sorry to the family of Dean Dawson these accident as they do claim the lives of people it is a problem we are having in our country, my client have instructed me specifically that he is sorry for what has happened he intends to the fullest extends that he can to compensate the family at a later date after we done with this charges but the main thing is to reach out to these families and say a sincere sorry on behalf of my client for what has happened.”


“I also notice Sir, that at the arraignment held a while ago there was no mention of when disclosure would be given to your client do you have any idea of when?”

Bryan Neal, Pakeman’s Attorney

“What was given today were some very brief facts, I don’t see how those facts can justify the charges going to its fullest conclusion and finding my client guilty but I don’t want to preamp myself I have looked at the fact as disclosed to me so far and I don’t see nowhere this case is going it is unfortunate that a man has lost his life but the law is the law.”

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