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    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:33
  • Severe Weather Conditions Causes Minor Damages In North

    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:47
  • Belize Exports Soybean Oil To Jamaica

    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:56

Tonight both local and Mexican authorities have launched an intensive search for thirteen year old Chunox resident Anaseily Gonzalez who is believed to have been abducted by her biological father, Javier De La Cruz, who is of Mexican nationality and accused of being a child molester. The child was last seen boarding a bus to her home on Friday January 6th and according to reports, she is believed to have been taken to either La Union or to Chetumal Quintana Roo.

On Sunday a Jasmine Alert was sent out to the general public in hope of locating the child and tonight we can tell you that an Amber Alert has been launched by Mexico to also assist in returning the child safely to her home. So far the child’s family has been mum about the situation but today we have more information on the missing case   as we spoke with National Executive Director of Jasmine Alert, Patrick Menzies. He told us that there are currently four agencies working in partnership with the Jasmine Alert program in order to find Anaseily.

Screen_Shot_2017-01-12_at_8.03.31_PMPatrick Menzies – National Executive Director, Jasmine Alert

“There’s four agencies in Mexico now working this case, it is so awesome that by the time I got the information to the Capital of Mexico which is the seat of the Amber Alert Program they were able to respond in very short time and put out an Amber Alert for the child that disappeared in Corozal, kudos, respect, to Mexico total respect to Mexico they are doing more than we did when we receive this case.”

As mentioned, Anaseily’s father is being categorized as a child molester and indications are that he has even been arrested and convicted. We asked Menzies if an investigation had been launched to determine whether or not these allegations are factual.

Patrick Menzies – National Executive Director, Jasmine Alert

“Yesterday I was in Mexico with the police department and the Senior Ministries in the whole nine yards I saw the copy, the man was accused of child molestation and spent four years in jail for child molestation, he was released because the family was threatened and decided not to go press charges so police officers in Mexico see the same way I see it and that is he was accused of child molestation and so the Amber Alert Program which is Mexican believes that the child is in great danger and so do we.”

But while the family of thirteen year old Anaseily Gonzalez believes that their loved one was kidnapped, the family of De La Cruz, is claiming that the child had left home on her own free will due to personal problems with her family.


Patrick Menzies – National Executive Director, Jasmine Alert

“We need to ask ourselves the meaning of the word kidnapped, I suggest that we looked that up, kidnapping doesn’t only mean that I take you by force in my car, if I take you through trickery, enticement I have also kidnapped you, if I am not your parent, the guy with the child in Mexico is not legally, naturally her natural father, however, he is not legally her father, his name is not in any paper work showing him as the father, lots of problems there, if you cross the border or entice a child under age to cross the border somehow without, and again how did she get across, that is the other thing, so we will find that out very, very soon, so if you enticing a child to do something that is illegal that he is in your possession that is not legal that is not right, Belize laws I am not sure how far they go, in the US where this problem comes from you are in serious problems, if you have an underage in your car without the authorization the adults simple as that, that is where this thing lies.”

Menzies added that the teenager managed to communicate with her mother on two specific occasions…. before and after her disappearance, however, it is believed that she was compelled to say that she is in good health.


Patrick Menzies – National Executive Director, Jasmine Alert

“The child was supposed to have been on the bus later on the child communicated with the mother from a Mexican number saying she is ok but according to the mother not me she was very nervous and they were telling her what to say, hearing at the background telling her what to say, on the same phone call, the phone was passed over or taken away by the man, I am calling him the man, that supposedly got her from point a to point b in some form or fashion he according to the mother told her, I got what is most important to you, and laughing at and so yes we have no doubt that the child was with the man that helped raise her, yes we believe she is there and that is also why the Mexican authority also believe she is also there and so that is why we are so thankful that the Mexican authority who knows the guy was in jail, who has all the paper work on it, who was also with yesterday they know and believes as we do the child is in grave danger at this present moment.”

And amidst the ordeal, fingers have been pointed at the Corozal Police Department for ‘dropping the ball’ or for simply not handling the case in the proper manner that would have resulted in resolving the case successfully from the beginning.

Patrick Menzies – National Executive Director, Jasmine Alert

“The problem in Corozal is in fact that the information was received but it was not disseminated in a speedy manner and neither was it sent up the way it was supposed to have been sent we also learnt about it on Facebook, it is social media it is not police work, and this is ridiculous and unacceptable and again I am asking Belizeans to stand up because police officers are paid to protect and sever. I would probably give them a passing grade not now but when this thing started, I would give them a passing grade probably about ten percent that is about that they would get ninety percent for where they are right now but in the beginning ten percent.”

Anyone with information of the child’s whereabouts is asked contact the nearest police station or to contact Jasmine Alert at 627-1383 or 628-5171.

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