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There is a very serious report tonight that could have grave implications for Belize. On January 7th, security forces in the coast town of Massim in the Sarangani Province of Philippines, while carrying out a search of the home of a suspected ISIS supporter, came under attack and had to return fire. During the exchange, they shot and killed Abu Naila and his companion Kadija.

Naila’s identity is under investigation at the moment, and there is some indication that he could be a Belizean-national who was recruited by the terrorist Islamic State also known as ISIS or ISIL. It is suspected that Naila is Nadir Ali Ahmad, a Belizean muslim.

Local authorities have not commented on the case, and the Ahmad family in Belize have also not spoken on the issue.

But we do know that the Ahmad family has been on the radar of security authorities in the past. In June 2016, in a special and seemingly-secret operation here in Belize, several members of the Ahmad family were picked up by Police and held under custody for questioning.

The Police took several days to answer for their actions, and when they did, ComPol Allen Whylie and Special Branch Commander Marco Vidal, they were cagey.

Screen_Shot_2017-01-23_at_8.06.47_PMMarco Vidal - Special Branch Commander

“For the past several months Special Branch has been engaged in an information concerning the information which we consider to be of a serious nature, I am not in a position to divulge the nature of that information neither can I provide details of the investigation, but you may be aware that on Monday the 20th of June we conducted searches at the residencies of the family and other persons, items were taken from the search and these items are been returned to the owner as we speak, certain allegations has been made in relation to the operation and the manner in which the searches were done, we can categorically state that the operation satisfied us and that we are satisfied that in fact that the operations was done within the confines of the law and in a professional manner.”

Screen_Shot_2017-01-23_at_8.07.04_PMCompol Allen Whylie – Commision of Police Belize

“A sensitive matter, we are certain that the family may be taking legal action and so we don’t want to put our cards out there as you would want us to because it is a sensitive nature I can tell you that I received a letter from the Attorney so I will say that much but I am satisfied that the operation was legal and legitimate, items were retrieved as the family indicated and those items we are through with them and the family was contacted today to come in and pick up their items.”

Again, we repeat that there is no confirmation of Naila’s identity being Belizean as yet. Police authorities claim there is no evidence of ISIS presence in Belize.

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