Viewers may remember that attempts made by Opposition Leader John Briceno at Friday’s House sitting to discuss proceedings of the Senate Select Committee into the Immigration scandal including revelations made by former Director Ruth Meighan, were immediately shut down and was not allowed to be ventilated in the house. Prime Minister Dean Barrow, who was questioned on the matter following Friday’s meeting also refrained from discussing the proceedings but did say that judging from what he has heard so far, he does not see any involvement from any of his Ministers in wrong doings. Following the PUP’s Northern Party Council Meeting on Saturday, we asked Briceno for his take on the P.M’s response. He sighted that there’s very clear evidence of ministerial involvement in some very shady business, but it is no surprise that PM Barrow would deflect fault from his ‘minions’.

Screen_Shot_2017-01-30_at_8.23.43_PMHonorable John Briceno – Party Leader of People’s United Party

“I’m not in the least shocked that the Prime Minister is going to try out to spin his way out of this, he was the one that talked about Alibaba and the forty thieves that if you are going regularly at the Immigration Department then you are like if you are hanging out with Alibaba and means you are one of the forty thieves so obviously he is admitting that something has gone wrong with his ministers, I mean John Saldivar, Erwin Contreras, Elvin Penner, Manuel Heredia all of these the same names are coming over and over and over obviously something is wrong and were going to be relentless and we are going to hold them accountable for the wrong doing and criminal activities that took place in the immigration department during that time.”

During Saturday’s National Party Council Meeting, a resolution was passed by the Party in relation to the irregularities in the immigration department, highlighting five demands: first the party demands a full Criminal Investigation into the issuing of Nationalities at the immigration department from 2010 to present, second the party demands a full audit in the department from 2010 to present, Third, the party calls on the Dean Barrow administration to hand over the Penner File to the DPP for criminal investigation, Forth to revoke all nationalities issued to persons who did not meet qualification and lastly the PUP calls for an immediate re-registration exercise to be conducted.

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