As mentioned earlier in the newscast the People’s United Party held the first National Party Council meeting of the New Year here in Orange Walk where Party Leaders and supporters gathered to discuss matters affecting the nation. The N.P.C. discussed and passed four resolutions during Saturday’s meeting, which included a resolution on Super Bond 3.0, irregularities in the immigration department, the resignation of Gaspar Vega from the House of Representatives and a resolution on Tax increases, which warranted the following.

Screen_Shot_2017-01-30_at_8.26.35_PMMarie Wade

“Be it resolved that the People’s United Party (1) The UDP economic mismanagement and incompetence (2) Demand that investigations be launched into the sadden and unexplained accumulation of wealth of UDP ministers, families and cronies and that any monies obtained by ill-gotten means be returned for the benefit of the people of Belize and (3) Insist that no more taxes be introduced on the already over taxed citizens nor retrench hard working Belizeans nor introduce any other austerity measures that will worsen this economic crisis.”

All resolutions were voted upon and passed. Amendments were also made to the Party’s constitution which included the appointment of Servulo Baeza as the new National Campaign Manager.

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