A special Sitting of the House of Representatives was called on Friday where two new bills were debated. Both bills were basically designed to protect Belize's foreign reserves from, Belize Social Development Limited and Caribbean Investment Holdings Limited, the pair of Ashcroft companies that are trying to recover the over one hundred million Belize dollars in arbitral awards granted to them by a US court.

As we showed you on Friday a division was called and the Bills were approved after the PUP side of the House voted in favor.

During an interview with Opposition Leader this weekend at the National Party Council Meeting held in Orange Walk, he spoke of the reasons behind the PUP’s approval.

Screen_Shot_2017-01-31_at_7.57.21_PMHonorable John Briceno – Leader of People’s United Party

“We did not have enough time to study the Bill, we were not consulted but just taking a quick look at the Bill we don’t think that the litigation is going to stop remember when the Prime Minister came to the House and presented the Miami Accommodation Agreement that he worked out with Mr. Ashcroft he said that the time for the litigation is over that there is not going to be no more litigation and then here we continue having more litigation, I am convinced that the litigation is not going to stop and I am also convince that we are here because of the incompetence of the UDP government, when these things were going to court, when these cases were going to arbitration the UDP never show up now that they lost they are trying to turn it around and try now not to pay that could have been appointed from day one but at the end of the day we have to side with Belize at all times.”

But while the Party Leader stated that the Bill might award the Central Bank immunity from legal proceedings in other states, he does not believe it will be enough to save Belize.

Honorable John Briceno – Leader of People’s United Party

“The Prime Minister made a tactical error when he decide that he was going to fight and go to court and we’ve been to court round after round and we’ve been losing it he will tell you that he wins in Belize but once we leave the jurisdiction of Belize we lose so obviously something is wrong,  and he just made a bad mistake and now unfortunately we the Belizean people are paying millions and millions of dollars in lawyer fees and million and millions and more millions in interest because we are not paying our debts.”

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