On October seventeenth of last year, Former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture, Hon. Gaspar Vega resigned from cabinet following the unearthing of land scandals involving his son Andre Vega and UDP insider Sharon Pitts, which cost GOB almost one million dollars. But the long list of corruption within the lands department during former DPM’s tenure as Minister of Lands did not end there as several other land schemes surfaced in which Vega allegedly abused his authority to enrich his family and associates through dubious land transactions. But even after everything that has been found against Vega, he decided to simply resign from Cabinet but not from the House of Representatives thus remaining as area representative for Orange Walk North.

While many Belizeans have been asking for Vega’s resignation one of the prime advocates for him to resign has been well-known Orange Walk business man and former PUP standard bearer for Orange Walk North, Ramon ‘Munchi’ Cervantes in his pursuance to bring criminal charges against Vega, for wrong-doings committed within the land department during his tenure.

Today Cervantes visited our morning show, Despierta belice, where he unearthed deals which have landed a total of one thousand, six hundred acres of prime farmland along the Philip Goldson Highway in the village of Carmelita, in the hands of the Vega family.

Screen_Shot_2017-02-01_at_7.59.05_PMRamon “Monchi” Cervantes – PUP Standard Bearer for Orange Walk North

“That is 1,950 acres that are in the names of Marilyn Vega who is the wife of Gaspar Vega, the former Minister, and in the name of German Ignacio Vega, that’s his brother that is 1950 acres of land and they went acquiring it section, by section, by section, and this land is located in south of Carmelita Village along the highway, just the width of it along the road is almost a mile long from mile 43 to mile 44 and that’s on the left hand side where you can see it, they are different plots where they put the, like a plot of fifty acres in the name of someone that they know and like if they sold it back to brother German or to wife Marilyn and all of those the transaction supposedly at less than 20,000.00 so that they don’t pay stamp duty but before that they had already owned, that is Gapi acquired that land first and his brother acquired and then his wife and then brother German acquired all the rest and it happened over different time periods.”

The full extent of this land acquisition by the Vega family can be seen as it has been compared to the entire village of Trial Farm, more than double in size.

Ramon “Monchi” Cervantes – PUP Standard Bearer for Orange Walk North

“To the left is Trial Farm Village with the red line around it, to the south is Orange Walk but the one with the red line is Trial Farm village, now Trial Farm Village is 800 acres and that’s a big village I think it is the biggest village in the country if I am not mistaken and compare that to the land that Vega took for himself, Vega’s land is two and a half times bigger than Trial Farm Village so in actuality Vega could have given each voter of Orange Walk North at least two lots because if you convert those 1950 acres of land into lots you get about 16000 lots and the voting population like going toward 8000 so he could have given overtime at least two lots to each and every voter of Orange Walk North but instead of given that to the people he took it for himself and his family.”

According to Cervantes the people of Orange Walk North deserve a representative who will work for them and not for his benefit and that of his family.

Ramon “Monchi” Cervantes – PUP Standard Bearer for Orange Walk North

“That’s what the people of Orange Walk need jobs they need to improve their economic positon because thing right now things bad, right now no job there, prices is going for the food items, people can’t pay their education, can’t pay their rent and Gapi has been grabbing up all the money all the land that I available and leaving the people with none so the people of Orange Walk North needs and deserve an opportunity and a chance to be able to elect a new representative that will truly represent the interest of the people of Orange Walk North and that is why we are bringing all these information and showing the people why it is and this is a demand from the people with evidence, with substance why Gap has failed the people of Orange Walk North, Gapi has betrayed the people of Orange Walk North and he needs to pay for his sins he cannot and he doesn’t have the dignity to continue to be serving as the people’ representative he can’t even show his face in the house of representative because he is being afraid to be questioned of his corrupt deeds of his destructive actions, everything he has done is against the people of Orange Walk North for the benefit of him and his family and his friends and  all the people of Orange Walk North do not fall into that category that is why none of them has benefitted only Gapi and his family.”

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