Screen_Shot_2017-02-01_at_7.59.27_PMJust last week consumers received some much needed release as the prices in fuel saw a small reduction, but those low prices were short lived as fuel prices will see a hike effective midnight. So…if your gas tank is running near empty, our advice to you is to fill up because at midnight tonight the prices for Diesel, Premium and regular gasoline will see a marked increase at the pump. Regular gasoline will see an increase of eleven cents going from nine dollars and sixty four cents to nine dollars and seventy five cents while diesel will rise by fifteen cents raising from eight dollars and ninety five cents to nine dollars and ten cents. But the highest increase will be seen on Premium gasoline which will rise by forty four cents going from nine dollars and ninety nine cents to a whopping ten dollars and forty three cents. Of course the increase is yet to be announced by GOB.

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