Screen_Shot_2017-02-01_at_7.59.39_PMYesterday we told you about the small protest carried out in front of the Sugar mill at BSI/ASR by the men responsible for driving the trucks that deliver the company’s cane quota to the factory in their pursuit of fair treatment. As reported yesterday the men were up in arms after they were informed that their salary per ton of cane delivered to the mill may be reduced from two dollars to one dollar and fifty cents. The men who drive the trucks of contractors hired by BSI for harvesting and delivery of their product refused to make deliveries until an understanding is reached as for the price being paid to them.

In an update to that matter, we can tell you that the men were back at work this morning making their usual deliveries to the factory, but while the standoff was put on pause, according to one of the truck drivers whom we spoke with this morning, this is only until they receive a respond to a letter sent to contractors and BSI representatives regarding an adjustment to their pay.

A meeting is expected to take place between the parties tomorrow to discuss the matter. We will have more on this in tomorrow’s newscast.

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