Since the beginning of 2017 the Orange Walk Town Council made a commitment to the residents of Orange Walk East to work on streets in the area which are in desperate need of repair. Although the council has been keeping with their mandate, and commenced works in the lower Louisiana Area, their work was halted when the Ministry of Works entered the area, to also work on these streets. While this seemed like a good thing, to have GOB helping with road rehabilitations, it soon proved not to be, as the streets have been left in an even more deplorable condition. Today when we spoke to Mayor Kevin Bernard about the current condition of the streets, he expressed grave concern.


Screen_Shot_2017-02-02_at_6.52.03_PMMayor Kevin Bernard – Orange Walk Town Council

“I want to make it known that I’ve said to the operations manager that I will send a letter to the ministry of works here in Orange Walk that they must cease and deices from touching any more street in this town because if that is the type of job that they are going to do to create mess, chaos, and havoc for the people living in those areas then it is best they go out and fix sugar roads and this is what they need to do I don’t want them to touch any more of our streets what I want them to go back and fix the mess that they have created because we cannot allow our residence that deserve better than that, we cannot go in there and just scrap street and leave the thing like that, we have to go in there and fix the thing well so if the ministry of works or the Area Representative who made the instructions for them to go in there because they heard that the town council is going to do the work in Orange Walk East then do the right job and put the right material, put down the quality work don’t just go in there and to cover people’s eye with wool we need the job to be done right if you are going to touch those streets then do it the proper way, I don’t want them to continue to touch any other road unless they fix the problem that they have created in the lower Louisiana Area.”

According to Mayor Bernard, while he welcomes any help being offered to improve our town,   mediocre work is of benefit to no one.

Mayor Kevin Bernard – Orange Walk Town Council

“Just a little rain and the roads are all messed up, these roads were never like that, all these road needed, if you are going to touch a road you need to go in there you need to scarify, you need to rip, you need to roll proper compact put down good material but if you are going to come in there and just scrap the streets and leave it out there without any rolling and any compaction then you are going to create a mess and this is what they have created, the Orange Walk East Representative sent in the ministry of work to create a mess for the people or Orange Walk East so I lay blame on him, I lay blame on him because what is he afraid of, is he afraid because we are coming in to the Orange Walk East to work I mean the council is going in there to do the job of the people but if they want to play politics or games because they think Mayor Bernard is coming to the East then we are going to continue the work in the East becsue at the end of the day the people deserve better but I am not going to allow as mayor any more machinery of the ministry of works to come in to our town and in the East to just simply do the type of work that they are doing here in Orange Walk East it is not worth it and the people deserve better, if you take a look at the conditions it is in a mess a total mess residence are complaining we are getting the calls then the problem becomes the councils problem and I am saying again we are going to ask the ministry of work to please and decease and they are going to fix the problem that they have created we cannot allow any body , not because you are a minister of government you are bigger and better than anybody else this is this town, I am the Mayor of  this town and you’ll respect my office and you’ll respect my responsibility and you’ll respect the things that need to be done in this municipality.”

According to Mayor Bernard, his Council will continue with their plans to upgrade streets in the Orange Walk east area despite obvious challenges.

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