Public libraries and their reading initiatives have played a key role in the development of literate societies, but with the rise of technology such facilities have come under heavy pressure to remain useful and relevant. Instead of fighting technology, libraries have had to adapt and that’s just what the Corozal Public Library has begun to do in a small way with the introduction of six new computers for the public to use. Today we found out how the computers will help library users.

Screen_Shot_2017-02-06_at_6.18.59_PMFrancisco Pena - Library Assistant

“The national library service, the headquarters, they gave us some new computers here for us to us and the reason for this is especially for the public for them to us, there is a lot of students that goes to school and they don’t have computer access in their villages and so forth and this is something new that we are implementing having here in our library is for the community and we ask for a small donation of two dollars and the reason for it is so that we can maintain the computers and if we need new parts and stuff like that we can buy them.  All this is to implement literacy in the public we want all our youths and the elderly as well to be more active in reading and show that they can better their vocabulary and can defend themselves in this world because we cannot progress in this life without education or the ability to speak or write.”

The library is also focused on raising funds to cover the cost of special initiatives at the public facility. On Friday, a special valentine’s poetry event will be held for those with lyrical creativity. This is just one of the projects under the library’s agenda.

Elena Castaneda Vivas - Head Librarian

“We want to give you a warm welcome to the Corozal public library, we host on a monthly basis a number of activities, and Mr. Peña will give you an insight of what the activities are.”

Francisco Pena, Library Assistant

“One of the goals is, especially we have a wish list and one of the items on the wish list is two fans we needs fans and that is for the computers, when the users come and we are walking into April and it’s going to be really hot and so the users they need fans and also other items we need here in the library and the library is a none profitable organization we rely fully on donations and that is why we always around town finding donations to find the stuff and for the activities that we have here at the library. We have for this week on Friday, we are going to be having a Valentine Poetry activity and we are inviting the entire public to come and to write poems, whether young or old we will help you to write your own poem so that you can give it to someone for the whole month of February is valentines for us and as you can see within the library we try to have that homemade feeling of valentines.”

The library says it hopes to establish a Library Advisory Committee to assist in the planning of events and to help in their objectives.

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