BPPFollowing the revelation made by former Director of Immigration Ruth Meighan during a session of the Senate Select Committee where she admitted that the UDP had in a sense committed fraud to secure a win in the elections by approving a large number of persons for nationalization without complying with the requirements in place at the immigration department, Belizeans, including the Opposition have been clamoring for a re-registration exercise to be conducted to rectify this act of corruption.

Today the Belize Progressive Party issued a release demanding that the exercise be carried out stating quote “the BPP reminds one and all that since its inception in October 2015, we have consistently called for the constitutionally mandated re-registration exercise to be undertaken and that upon its completion, the lawful re-districting of the nation’s electoral constituencies also be conducted, so as to comply with the provisions set out in the Belize Constitution, to ensure a more equitable configuration of each electoral division.” End quote

But while the BPP acknowledges the opposition’s efforts to have the re-registration exercise carried out, it adds that those efforts aside from being late may be considered to be hypocritical, citing that in 2007 the PUP with the bi-partisan support of the then, Opposition UDP, passed a law to defer the re-registration process; Thus postponing the legally mandated effort for five years, to 2012. Adding that it was later further deferred by the Barrow Administration until this year, prolonging the mandated re-registration excise for over seventeen years.

The BPP ends by calling on Social partners and civil society to join in the efforts in pursuit of ensuring that Good Governance becomes the rule and not the exception, and to demand that these two, critical governance efforts be conducted on-time and in a transparent and efficient manner.

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