The Orange Walk Football Association hosted its first ever Referee’s Course this past weekend with the aim of offering both current and aspiring referees the chance to become a certified level entry referee. The course lasted a total of three days and was divided into three main categories….theory, practical and a final assessment which saw the participation of eight individuals.

Screen_Shot_2017-02-06_at_6.19.52_PMDavid Jones – Head, Referees of Belize

“Our objective was to lay a foundation for the laws of the game, we are taking nothing for granted we want for this program to go throughout the country and it started here in Orange Walk and it is all about the laws of the game, it is on the laws of the game and the basic flag techniques and the movement of the field of play and we showed them that and hope to have seen younger referees because there other guys cannot take the practical that we did so we did a shorter time and like I say this is a fundamentals of the laws of the game that we are going to do throughout the country.”

At the end of the day, the objective was successfully met as all participants are now fully equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to ref upcoming football matches.

David Jones – Head, Referees of Belize

“These guys are ready to go because like I said that in every level they need to know the laws of the game because even at the kids level some of the older guys will do kids game but they have to know the laws of the game at that level because that is where the kids are formed and then the good habits are then formed down there so it is good and I want to commend the Orange Walk Football Association to do this because these are the kinds of initiative or the kind of support we need to go and do this thing because you know because these buys support us during these three days and the guys are here every day some of them have other little things to do one or two of them but majority they stuck with it because it is three days of hard work we don’t come here to mess around, it is all work and then at the end like you said the guys they came away feeling  alright.”

As for the overall top scorer, Hernan Cal, the course was definitely worth the experience as it taught each participant valuable information to enhance their level of competence.

Hernan Cal – Top Scorer

“Es un curso muy bueno y nos ayuda en el conocimiento de las reglas del futbol, nos ayuda a mostrar cómo está la física de los árbitros, que es lo que se hace, y lo normal básico en un partido de futbol.  Nosotros los árbitros tenemos que conocer las reglas, tenemos que saber los movimientos que uno hace en la cancha pero más estudiar las reglas entonces yo le dedico mucho tiempo a eso y siempre he animado a mis amigos los árbitros y compañeros que también se dediquen un tiempito, no todo un día entero pero un diez minutos cada día leer una reglas y analizarlo, pensar cómo están los cambios y todo y también hacer preguntas y respuestas que la FIFA manda a los árbitros.”

Cal emphasized that learning the rules and regulations of the sport is essential since it helps the referee in making a rational decision. Therefore, he is encouraging all umpires, coaches and other football fanatics to sit the course.


Hernan Cal – Top Scorer

“No solo árbitros pero animar a la directiva de los equipos, a los entrenadores, a toda persona que le gusta el futbol que se dedique un poquito de su tiempo y que ponga un tiempo para venir a estos cursos porque es muy bueno y tenemos los profesores que administran el curos y lo coordinan y es un excelente participación de todo los amigos pero también la gente de afuera es muy importante que conozcan las reglas porque a veces los árbitros son criticados porque hacen una decisión muy drástica pero en base al conocimiento de las reglas entonces no podemos juzgar una jugada si no conocemos las reglas.”

As mentioned earlier by the Head of Referees of Belize, David Jones, the course will be offered countrywide.

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