It appears from many of the testimonies that safes and security units for the proper safe-keeping of sensitive immigration documents was in high demand. We’ve heard from previous testimonies of cases of files having to be placed on desks and floors, but today’s testimony by former Officer in Charge of Visas, Edgar Cano, takes the cake. He revealed that there have been times at his station and others when the safest place to keep documents is a detention cell.

edgarEdgar Cano, Former Officer in Charge, Visa Section

“We wanted to look at certain issues  for example; border stations have no storage facility to store files, we had that problem at Western Border, we had to maintain our files sometimes in the detention cells where people are momentarily kept because of the facilities itself inconveniently in and those are the areas that maybe required priority because many times we see that we have an office at the Western Border but we don’t have storage and we cannot keep files, it is limited to office space and then we have to put our files in detention cells where we put in people and those are not convenient.”

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