16683511_400471606972041_770385767_nToday the United Democratic Party issued a call to have the PUP’s lead Senator, Eamon Courtney, removed from the senate citing the actions taken by Courtney on February 3rd, when he filed a constitutional challenge on behalf of the Aschcroft group asking the Court to strike down the two emergency national interest legislations. The UDP describes Courtney’s move as an outright betrayal to Belize’s national interests and states in the release issued that it comes in extreme conflict with the Senatorial seat he holds.

The release further states that Courtenay, by means of his challenge, is placing Belize’s national assets in jeopardy stating, quote “If the Ashcroft group were to succeed in getting a US Court order against our reserves, all the assets of the Central Bank would be frozen until the matter is finalized and the amount quantified. During that period, the Central Bank and the country would not be able to pay for supplies or conduct foreign transactions. It would cripple trade and business and bring us to a standstill. There is no reason to doubt that PUP Senator Eamon Courtenay knows fully well how his challenge, if successful, would tremendously hurt our country’s economy with immediate effect.” End quote

In light of his latest proceedings which the UDP calls “venomous action and his continued post as a top commander in the enemy’ army” the party asks for Courtenay’s immediate removal and calls on the Leader of the Opposition to act swiftly.

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