In yesterday’s newscast, we showed you parts of the testimony by Former Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Immigration, Candelaria Saldivar-Morter, who was in charge from March 2012 to December 2013. In her statements, Saldivar-Morter accepted that there were very unusual things taking place at the Immigration Department. In one of her comments, Saldivar began recalling the scandals which surfaced and it was clear that they were more than they could handle.

Senator Mark Lizarraga - Member, Senate Select Committee

“All these irregularities taking place besides the final report did you play a more active role in trying to look at the internal controls because these things didn’t happened overnight, were there any other steps that you tried to take as CEO?”

Screen_Shot_2017-02-09_at_6.50.37_PMCandelaria Saldivar – Former CEO Immigration and Nationality Services Department

“We, the ministry, like I said worked hand in hand with the Director of Immigration but I don’t know during the period 2012 to when I left 2015 we had so many issues that side lined whatever work that we wanted to do that we had to deal with, like emergency issues; we had the issue with the passport with William Dyck and then after that we had the issue with the Hong Kong Kin issue and so each time you try to put things in place you are sidelined by some scandal that takes you away from trying to put in place some of the things but, I don’t know how to put this, one of the things that, one of the reasons why I put emphasis on the whole restructuring and reform was because no bandage fix for what was wrong at the Immigration and Nationality Services Department.”

According to the Former CEO, what is needed at the Department is a complete overhaul of the units.

Candelaria Saldivar - Former CEO, Ministry of Immigration

“We need a complete reform and restructuring in order that these issues could be corrected and I am talking about the systems in term of the resources, human resources, we need a complete reform and restructuring otherwise ten years from now we’ll be having a next Senate hearing and that is why while we did not spent a lot of time dealing with the little, not the little in terms of what was wrong but it is that we had to look at the bigger picture and so during the time 2013 to when I left that is what we were looking at because there is no bandage fix none for that department, we have to look at a complete because even if we were to say they would follow all the procedures and all the manuals that are there are some other underline issues that would affect it being efficient and effective so for me yes you are saying oh there were these issues that the Auditor General report but nothing in this Auditor General report was a surprise to us because we knew.”

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