Prior to Saldivar-Morter’s testimony on Wednesday, four key senior Immigration officials including former Directors Maria Marin and Ruth Meighan and Senior Immigration Officers Gordon Wade and Edgar Cano had testified before the Committee declaring that their responsibilities as Directors and Officers in Charge of Nationality and Visa Sections did not include vetting of documents they received. But yesterday, the former CEO who sat in a much higher management capacity had a different message. She said it was the final officers’ responsibility to ensure that all requirements were met by the applicants.

Senator Elena Smith, Member, Senate Select Committee

“These persons, the final persons receiving the files that these persons should ensure that all the steps were done before it got to them or should they have verified the documentation that was given to them for their recommendation or approval?”

Screen_Shot_2017-02-09_at_6.50.37_PMCandelaria Saldivar - Former CEO, Ministry of Immigration

“I cannot say for all of them but that more or less should be in the document but I cannot say for certain I would have to go through it and check but in terms of what each has its duties and responsibilities so maybe dependent on the officer position then you would know what they were responsible to do.”

Senator Elena Smith, Member, Senate Select Committee

“Because we were often told by Mrs Marin that when the files got to her she was not supposed to verify anything she was just supposed to either look at what is there and then either recommended or return for further work that probably need to be done so as the CEO could you recall that, let’s say for example in her case recommending VISAS that she was not responsible for verifying information she was just responsible for…?”

Candelaria Saldivar - Former CEO, Ministry of Immigration

“If you will approve anything will confirm that all the information and all the requirements are met.”

Senator Elena Smith, Member, Senate Select Committee

“These persons despite being the last person to receive a file did not complete their duty to ensure that everything that was placed before him was verified?”

Candelaria Saldivar - Former CEO, Ministry of Immigration

“Well that is what you could say is the outcome if it is incomplete then it has to be that somebody did not ensure that it was complete.”

The Senate hearings will resume next week Wednesday, February 15th, with former Finance Officer Teresita Castellanos. A second witness is expected but who it will be has not been confirmed.

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