Screen_Shot_2017-02-09_at_6.51.39_PMEarlier in the week we reported on the discovery of a Mayan cave in the village of Caledonia. There were reports that artefacts were found and that there was some evidence of structures inside. Today we went to the community and to the site of the discovery to see if the reports were true, and found out that the earlier reports going around were a bit exaggerated.

According to members of the family on whose land the discovery was made, they had hired an excavator to assist in digging their backyard for the construction of a septic tank. On Sunday February 5th while digging, they noticed that along the wall of the space they had dug out, a small passage was opened. The construction workers got curious and cleared the opening more, only to discover that it led into a small cave, undoubtedly from the Mayan civilization era.

With permission of the family, our cameras captured footage of the site. It showed the opening from the excavator and showed inside of the cave. The area is about fifteen feet wide and about five feet high. On the ceiling, we spotted what should be the entrance, a circular hole that is about two feet wide, but which has been covered for decades. On the corners of the cave, there are two small tunnels which probably lead to other caves but which are blocked by soil sediments that have fallen and accumulated over time.

According to the family, the area has also been visited by an official from the Archaeology Department who went the day after the discovery. The official did a preliminary site analysis and then advised the family to cover the cave opening until they can return to do a proper examination. They were told that the Department does not have the resources to do more research at the moment.

The family told us they will follow the advice given. The archaeology official also told the family that based on their preliminary analysis, the small cave and tunnels could be connected to other Mayan structures in the area.

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