lukeLast year the Belize National Teachers Union organized an 11 days industrial strike action against the Government as they fought for good governance. As a result of the strike, the union had managed to successfully gain the appointment of the 13th Senator, the signing of the United Nations Convention against Corruption and the Integrity Commission.

But it seems that the BNTU is hungry for more reform as tonight they are demanding that Government cleans the country’s existing voting list.

In their release issued today, the BNTU announced that the union had been closely following the hearing of the Senate Special Select Committee as it relates to the investigation of irregularities at the visa, nationality and passport departments as stated in the Auditor General’s Special Audit Report. And while it had recently been exposed in one of the hearings that there was a major fraud in the 2012 general elections, the matter has raised serious concerns among members of the union who are now calling on the GOB to conduct a re-registration of voters.

The BNTU is of the position that the Passport, Immigration and Nationality Departments have allowed a vast amount of ineligible individuals to obtain a Belizean nationality therefore, allowing them to participate in a biased and tainted election... that of which SHOULD HAVE BEEN a free and fair one.

The BNTU indicated that, quote “The BNTU believes that our sacred democracy has been greatly compromised and tarnished by malpractices and we feel it is most URGENT that the necessary corrective measures be put in place. The BNTU therefore calls on the Government of Belize to immediately address the clean-up of the voter registration list through a re-registration process, as required by law”. End of quote.

The release further stated that while the constitution states that a re-registration must be conducted every decade, both the PUP and UDP administrations have utilized Statutory Instruments to do away with the process. The BNTU emphasized that the re-registration of voters must be carried out no later than this year and are asking all other unions and Civil Society organizations as well as the general public to stand in solidarity once more with the union as they make this call.

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