To love and protect – that’s the name of an annual event organised by Ocean Belize in Corozal Town. The objective of the event, which is normally held on Valentine’s Day, is to promote love and care for the environment. This year, Oceana is partnering with the Department of Youth Services to expand the reach of their love message. We spoke to Field Representative Ryan Rivera who told us how Oceana will be celebrating Valentine’s Day.

Screen_Shot_2017-02-13_at_8.10.43_PMRyan Rivera - Corozal Field Representative, Oceana Belize

“We will be having it to promote love for self, love for community and love for the environment, we have invited other organizations to come out and set up booths informational booths so that passerby and kids and students and everyone interested can come out and get information on how to love themselves, the community and the environment and the importance as well, this is an extension to an annual event and informational booth Oceana had had to love and protect booth and so here in Corozal we decided to make it a little bit bigger and invite other organizations make it an informational fair and we will be having entertainment pieces and free raffles as well.  It is not just information, we will have entertainment and we will have sort of incentives to attract the people and there is no fee for anything when it comes to the raffles they will all be free, they just have to show up.”




“What about the message about loving your environment, loving yourself is important, I know tomorrow is Valentine’s Day which people likes to connect with relationships but it can be much more than that?”

Ryan Rivera - Corozal Field Representative, Oceana Belize

“Definitely it is much more than that because it is not bout loving another person  but you also need to learn to love yourself, you need to learn to love your community and you need to learn to love your environment because if you don’t love your environment and you keep throwing trash everywhere then you are loving your environment you are not loving your community and if you don’t love others you don’t ;love yourself then you cannot be the best person and hence you cannot tell someone you love them if you cannot provide them your best you need to learn to love yourself as well so February the love month goes beyond loving someone else or that relationship status that has been assigned into Valentines right it can go beyond that to community, to yourself and to your environment especially what Oceana promotes we always been promoting love for the environment and that is why we decided to make it bigger and allow people to not just learn about the environment but about loving themselves and loving the community.”


The grand prize is a dinner for two at Corozo Blues in Corozal. Rivera said to win you literally just have to show up at the event.

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