Back to former Finance Officer Teresita Castellanos. She was removed from Immigration Department in in 2014, during the same time the Auditor General’s office was carrying out their investigations into multiple scandals at the Department. Castellanos revealed in her testimony yesterday that she was removed from Immigration against her will. She said that the sister of former Minister of Immigration John Saldivar, who was the CEO at the time, seemed to have something personal against her.

Screen_Shot_2017-02-16_at_6.39.45_PMTeresita Castellanos – Former Finance Officer

“I know that I left the Department, I was thrown out of the department because we normally are transferable but the same CEO who sat here had me moved from the department until 2014, it was not a regular transfer for whatever personal reasons she had, as a matter of fact I was part of the …”


Aldo Salazar – Chairman Special Senate Select Committee

“If you are going to cast blame on someone we want to be clear on whom it was, who was it, who were you referring to?”

Teresita Castellanos – Former Finance Officer

“CEO,  Candelaria Saldivar Mortar and I wanted to remain at the department because there were restructuring taking place, we were meeting and she mentioned that I was part of the team and this was when I was transferred whilst the auditing was taking place, I even wrote to the Public Service Commission, copies to our Public Service Union I wanted to remain at the department at least until the audit was over so I could be the person to be the person to hand over documents that were needed at the time and was transferred.”

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