MOHSince December of 2016, there has been an increasing rate of gastroenteritis cases particularly in the Stann Creek District. The communities mostly affected in the said district are Dangriga Town, Independence and Bella Vista Villages.

According to statistics gathered from the Ministry of Health, the illness has been mostly affecting children but there are also a few cases recorded among adults. Last month, a sum of 242 cases were recorded of which 145 are that of children of less than five years, and 117 among children over the age of five. Over fifty percent of these recorded cases involve patients suffering from symptoms such as diarrhea and vomiting in addition to abdominal cramps and fever.

As a result of the growing rate of cases, the Ministry had heightened its surveillance since the beginning of January 2017 and remain active in the different communities by engaging in health sessions and house to house visitations so as to assist and advise residents on how to diminish further spreading of the illness including the proper hand washing etiquette.

If you or your child is experiencing any of the symptoms similar to those mentioned above, you are advised to visit the nearest health center as immediate medical attention should be given especially to children due to the fact that their symptoms are worsening.

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