Screen_Shot_2017-02-21_at_7.55.25_PMOn Friday’s newscast we reported about a land dispute between local resident, Fred Hornsby from the village of August Pine Ridge here in the Orange District and an alleged high ranking official from the Ministry of Works in Belmopan. As we had informed you, Hornsby and his family had obtained approximately 50 acres of land in the village with the intention of starting up a business.

According to Hornsby, they had gone through the proper process to seek ownership of the land but things took a turn after he was visited on Friday by representatives from the Department of Lands and Survey and the Ministry of Works escorted by police officers who reportedly barged in on the property claiming that they were instructed to conduct a survey of the area.

Hornsby says he was informed that a portion of his land falls somewhere within 300 acres of land which is owned by the alleged top official and that he was required to leave the area, but while he refused to do so, the representatives brought in a bulldozer destroying several trees and other crops.

Today we were informed by Hornsby via text message that the matter is currently under investigation at the Department of Lands and Survey and that a meeting is being scheduled in order to shed some light into the matter. However, we understand that the area is still being surveyed at this point in time even after the matter had been reported last week. An exact date for the meeting is yet to be established.

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